Cat colony problem causes conflict between residents in Spain’s Antequera

A COLONY of about 40 cats in Callejon Piscina in Antequera is causing conflict in the area.

There is a sector of the population that is in favour of cats and believe they are necessary for keeping rodents at bay, and the other half of the neighbourhood believe that the problem of unhealthy conditions generated by the high numbers of felines in the colony is greater than any possible rat problem.

According to IU (Izquierda Unida) spokesman in the Town Hall, Francisco Matas, the neighbour’s association have logged several complaints with the City Council, to no avail.

“For more than three years the neighbours have futilely denounced the existence of a colony of more than 40 cats, complaints which the Antequera Town City Council have blatantly ignored. Urine, excrement, fights during the mating season, filth and uncontrolled breeding add to the abandonment of this street in the town,” Matas said.

The councillor called for ‘immediate’ measures to put an end to this situation.

“The residents are desperate in the face of the passivity of the administration, which inexplicably consents to this situation,” Matas added.

According to the City Council, it is working on applying the so-called CES method (capture, sterilisation and release) for the felines.

Meanwhile, oblivious to the conflict created between their human neighbours, the cats live unaware of the controversy and even have shaded areas and booths set up for them to spend the night.

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