Caught red-footed: Man in Spain’s Almeria province arrested by police after using camera in shoe to repeatedly record up store manager’s skirt

A MAN in Spain’s Almeria province has been arrested by the National Police after he was caught using a camera installed in his shoe to record up the skirt of a copy shop manager. 

According to the authorities, the ‘upskirting’ suspect would only carry out the surreptitious taping when the victim was wearing a skirt, and would wait outside the store until she was alone.

Employees in the shop, located in the municipality of El Ejido, became suspicious that the man was ‘obsessed’ with the store manager, given that ‘he only appeared when the woman was in the location’. 

The police explained in a statement that he eventually would come to the business on a daily basis, and ‘always requested the same service using a cutting machine’, the use of which by the store manager required her to slightly lean forward. 

'Upskirting' suspect arrested in Almeria
National Police

In CCTV images of the man apparently carrying out the recordings, he can be seen angling his left foot underneath her skirt to supposedly get the right angle. 

Over time, the victim noticed this behaviour, ‘initially thinking that it was due to a nervous tic’.

But one day she saw him remove an electronic device from his shoe and place it in his pocket, ‘raising the alarm’ and prompting the employees at the shop to check their own security footage. 

The police examined the images, and arrested the man. They found in his possession two small recording devices hidden between his shoe and sock.

Officers specialising in cybercrimes were reportedly investigating if there were other victims and managed to determine that the images recorded by the man had not been uploaded to the internet.

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