Chef from Spain’s Mallorca and his wife are shot to death at their restaurant: Woman’s naked body is discovered on the street after she tried to escape via balcony

A MALLORCAN chef and his wife have been killed in a brutal attack at their restaurant.

David Peregrina, 53, and his wife, 38-year-old Brazilian, Erika da Silva Santos were killed in a double homicide on Friday, November 24. 

Erika and David on their dock. Photo: Ilha dos Ribeirinhos/Facebook

The incident occurred in the early hours at their restaurant, Os Ribeirinhos, located on Brazil’s Buranheim river.

According to police, Erika was found naked outside the restaurant following an apparent attempt to flee from the first floor balcony. 

It is thought the victim was showering when the attack occurred and despite her attempts to escape, she was killed by a shot to the head. 

Her husband was found dead in the restaurant kitchen with shots to the arms, chest and back. 

Neighbours were altered to the incident after hearing screams and cries for help and they immediately called authorities. 

Although the motive for the attack has not been confirmed, the excellent reputation of the restaurant, only accessible by boat, leads many to believe it was a robbery. 

David, originally from Mallorca, fled to South America in 2012 after being convicted for misappropriation, document falsification and fraud. 

The chef was a bank branch manager in Muro and between 2003 and 2004 stole million euros through false mortgage scams. 

He escaped to Brazil after police began to investigate the crimes before returning to Spain to be convicted two years later. 

But, once sentenced to six years and four months in prison, he once again evaded authorities by escaping to Brazil. 

After his escape, authorities issued two arrest warrants but both had expired by the time the man died. 

The local community has expressed its deep sorrow and shock at the deaths. 

A tribute released by restaurant staff on social media. Photo: Ilha dos Ribeirinhos/Facebook

In an Instagram post the restaurant said: “It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our Davi and Erica.

“We know that they were very dear to everyone for their care, professionalism, friendship and joy. We will forever have them in our hearts with much gratitude and will miss them very much.”


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