Christian Brueckner trial over ‘murder’ of Madeleine McCann and other sex crimes to go ahead at court in Braunschweig

THE trial against Madeliene McCann suspect Christian Brueckner will take place in Braunschweig, a court has ruled.

The convcited paedophile, 46, had attempted to move the case to a different court in Saxony.

His lawyer had claimed he was living in a empty box factory instead of a series of homes in Braunschweig, where he ran businesses.

After a six-month delay to proceedings, the Braunschweig High Court ruled, however, that it was the appropriate place to hear the Maddie case.

He will also be tried for five separate cases, including rape and child molestation, in the same court.

Among the cases he faces is the sadistic rape of Irish woman Hazel Behan, on the Algarve.

The prosecutor Hans Christian Wolters told the Olive Press last week that he was ‘confident’ of the decision.

“It’s taken forever due to the amount of paperwork and the summer break, but the decision will be made imminently,” he said.

“I’m confident it is now going to stay in Braunschweig.”

Brueckner’s defence lawyer Friedrich Fulscher told Bild: “We have to accept the decision at this point, even if I – like the responsible chamber – consider it to be wrong.

“We will challenge the local jurisdiction in the proceedings.”

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