Christmas miracle: Newborn baby survives after being dumped in a rubbish bin in Spain’s Andalucia

A NEWBORN baby has survived after being dumped in a rubbish bin in Andalucia.

‘Nieves’ just after she was found in a rubbish bin. CREDIT: RTV Los Palacios

The baby was found on Monday when a neighbour heard the little girl’s cries coming from a waste disposal unit in Los Palacios y Villafranca, near Sevilla.

The tiny girl was wrapped in two plastic bags, covered in blood and amniotic fluid. 

Some 20cm of umbilical cord was still attached. 

It is believed the baby had just been born before she was found at 5:30pm. 

Together with other neighbours, the man brought the baby to a nearby hospital, where she was given emergency treatment for hypothermia. 

Speaking to El Diario de Sevilla, ‘Fernando’, who discovered the baby, said: “The important thing is that she’s alive. 

“I hope she grows up healthy and becomes a strong woman.” 

The baby was then transferred to Hospital Virgen de Valme, where she remains in good health.  

Local state welfare representative Carmen Marina Molina, has announced the baby will be called ‘Nieves’ (Snow) in honour of the Christmas season and the patron saint of the area. 

The Guardia Civil are now searching for the baby’s mother, who is believed to be of caucasian descent. 

They have confirmed the baby had ‘signs of toxic substances’ in her system, leading police to concentrate on local drug addicts.

However, no arrests have been made. 

Authorities have also taken DNA samples from the child in order to identify the mother and to clear those present when the baby was found of any involvement. 

They are also reviewing any video and security camera footage in the area to aid the investigation.


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