Concerns arise after another assault of a woman in Batan neighbourhood (Madrid)

A WOMAN was assaulted and robbed of her purse and wallet in Batan (Madrid) on Wednesday night (May 24). 

The incident took place only two days after another woman, aged 67, was also robbed of her purse in the same area. 

A third one (60) had previously been mugged after being pushed to the ground and injured.  

Strong police presence has been displayed recently in Batan, which is well-known for being the neighbourhood of Madrid’s Casa de Campo. 

Residents are protesting against the crime levels in the area, which have reportedly increased in the past years. 

A 15-year-old boy was injured by two 18-year-old muggers who allegedly stole his phone during a school day-trip to Casa de Campo last week. 

And last month, an elderly woman was hospitalised after suffering a violent robbery. 

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