Conor McGregor hopes to bring bare knuckle fighting to Marbella

BARE knuckle fighting will come to Marbella under MMA legend Conor McGregor. 

With only the protection of bandages, bare knuckle boxing is one of the most exciting, and bloody, contact sports. 

Little known in Spain, there are few events promoting the sport, but that could soon change. 

Mixed Martial Arts star Conor McGregor is considering bringing a bare knuckle boxing event to Marbella this summer. 

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McGregor has teased a bare knuckle boxing event in Marbella.
Photo: Cordon Press

McGregor revealed his plans during a social media live stream, saying the event would coincide with his birthday trip to the area in mid July. 

“There is a proposal to do that bare-knuckle event in Marbella,” he said.

The suggestion has also been echoed by popular MMA platforms. 

McGregor has recently become a co-owner of the world’s most important bare knuckle boxing organisation, the BKFC (the bare knuckle fighting championship). 

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The discipline is extremely popular in the UK, USA, Russia and Germany. 

It has similar rules to normal boxing. 

However, the ring is circular and has four ropes. 

There are five two minute rounds with judges who score each. 

Nonetheless, most fights end in a knockout because bare knuckle punches have greater impact. 

Although relatively unknown in Spain, the country is home to one of the best fighters, Franco Tenaglia. 

The Aregntinian has been based in Alicante for many years, training at Ilia Topuria’s Climent Club. 

Tenaglia, known as the ‘King of the Street’ was crowned European champion last year when he beat James Lilly of Wales.

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