Convicted paedophile on US wanted list discovered teaching English to children in Spain’s Oviedo and Barcelona

A 64-year-old American who has been a fugitive from justice since 2010 was finally tracked down to Barcelona where he was working as an English teacher. 

The man, who has been identified by police in Spain only known by his initials G.O.O, was convicted in New York 11 years ago following a police operation which found a large amount of sexually explicit material of children in his possession. 

It is believed that he used P2P networks to share the illegal material across the world. He was arrested and was detained under house arrest in New York but he disappeared after removing his tracking bracelet and went on the run. 

After slipping past authorities to escape the country, it is thought that he spent the last 11 years working as a private English language teacher giving classes to children. 

It is understood that he managed to evade criminal record checks to work in private academies in Spain and elsewhere across Europe.

In 2012 he moved to the northern Spanish city of Oviedo. He later moved to London, and then Germany before moving to Barcelona, where he was finally detained in an operation enforcing an OID (International Detention Order). 

Specialist Guardia Civil officers began searching for the man in 2018 after receiving a tip off about his whereabouts. Several police forces across Europe colaborated with the effort to locate the convicted sex offender. 

The detained man acquired Spanish nationality in 2018 by modifying the order of his surnames and using a compound name, thus avoiding possible international police warrants. 

However on September 22, he was located by authorities in Barcelona, where he was teaching English language classes online. He was arrested by officers as he left his home.  

The 64-year-old has been detained in custody and awaits deportation to the United States to face justice for his crimes.

Earlier this year an Olive Press investigation revealed how easy it was for a child sex offender convicted in Britain was able to change his name by deed poll, evade criminal record checks and find employment at several Madrid schools.

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