Copper wire thieves cause train service chaos in Valencia area of Spain

THIEVES stole copper wire from a sub-station to bring mayhem to Valencia area trains on Tuesday after causing a fire that incinerated a traffic management system.

The blaze started in a building at Massalfassar railway station at 00.35 after the crooks took a kilometre length of copper cable.

Their actions sparked a major fire damaging an area that housed computers used to manage trains between Pucol and Alboraya.

All signalling and communication systems as well as security on the line were disabled.

The Valencian Transport Minister, Raquel Sanchez, described it as a ‘deplorable’ act and apologised for the resulting problems.

The Guardia Civil is trying to track down the copper culprits.

Tuesday travellers had to endure severe delays and cancellations on Cercanias trains

on line C5 between Valencia and Caudiel as well as line C6 linking Valencia and Castellon.

There were also knock-on effects on other services.

Long-distance trains between Valencia and Barcelona reported average delays of 40 minutes while there were changes to high-speed AVE line schedules between Madrid and Castellon.


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