Cosmetic surgeon being investigated over death of British patient in Spain dies suddenly

A SURGEON who performed a cosmetic surgery procedure on a British woman who died following ‘complications’ at a Palma clinic in September, has himself died.

The Ultima Hora newspaper has revealed simply that he has passed away but no further information about the circumstances of his death have been disclosed including in which country and when it happened.

A Palma judge was investigating the man for a crime of homicide caused by gross negligence.

He is said to have lived outside Spain after ‘many decades’ of work which included clinics in Mallorca and around Europe.

The woman wanted to have surgery on a breast implant that the surgeon had already placed a few years ago and wanted to change it.

The doctor told her that no pre-operation was needed and she paid him £6,000 in cash.

The Policia Nacional discovered the woman had a congenital birth defect in her heart, and despite being aware of that, the surgeon did not do the required pre-op.

His name or that of the British victim have never been revealed.

The patient died in Palma’s Son Espases Hospital on September 14- several hours after a series of complications occurred during the procedure at a private facility.

She had worked in public relations and planned to go to work in Australia for three months.

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