Council in Spain’s Catalunya hires bug exterminators to target sewers overrun by cockroaches

SIXTY feet below Sitges, a town close to Barcelona, cockroaches have taken over the sewers. 

The bugs are wading through a river of raw sewage in the labyrinth of cramped tunnels, pipes and waste-water conduits that crisscross under the city, and following complaints from residents, the council has finally decided to take action. 

The public health department of Sitges Town Council hired a company that specialises in disinfecting sewers to venture below and eliminate the cockroaches. 

Last Thursday and Friday, the council brought in exterminators to target multiple roads in Poble Sec including Perpetu Socors, Estalvi, Pilar Franquet, Pins Vens, Cardenal Vidal, Josep Tarradellas and Camí de la Fita. 

The council has also asked for a report to be completed so they can assess the results and study whether further action needs to be taken.

The work so far has consisted of applying an insecticide product to the sewage pipes of the affected streets, made with 60% disinfectant and 40% water. 

A specialised company registered in pesticide services (ROESP) of the public health department of the Catalan government has been in charge of carrying out the treatment.

The municipal services detected the cockroach plague after cleaning the sewer with pressurised water and passing a camera through the drains to first obtain information for a technical report. 

The council has asked that if you see cockroaches, you should contact the public health service at or by phone at 93 810 91 00.


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