Courts in Spain’s Malaga tried only 11 women for domestic violence in 2022 compared to 2,000 men

COURTS in the province of Spain’s Malaga tried only 11 women for domestic and gender violence during 2022 compared to more than 2,000 men, latest figures revealed.

The Spanish justice system only found one of those women guilty of abuse, compared to almost 1,400 men.

The staggering comparison came as the General Judicial Council delivered its annual report for the year before.

It showed that women nearly 20% more women reported abuse to the police.

That amounted to 23 women a day reporting gender violence, totalling over 8,500 for the entire 2022.

But the majority of those allegations – just under 8,000 – were as a result of police reports.

In more than 65% of cases the victim reported the crime as only 1.5% of reports were made by family members.

As a result of these investigations, authorities took 13 minors into care as a result of the attacks.

The amount of court convictions went up to 509 convictions with another 234 imposed after an oral hearing.

Courts acquitted a total of 541 men, while the national average was 77%.

The statistics showed that most of those men reported were women’s boyfriends, as only 18% were married, and 13% were already divorced.

Youth courts tried a total of 12 adolescents for male violence, the majority being between 16 and 17-years-old.

Nearly 40 girls who were physically attacked in 2022, all who are now under police protection.

But male violence figures could be a lot more widespread.

Malaga NGO VioGen has registered nearly 33,000 women on their database that have reported violence.

But most of these claims are not currently under active police investigation.

The figures followed large demonstrations against gender violence for International Women’s Day on March 8.


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