COVID-19 case numbers continue dropping in Costa Blanca and Valencia areas of Spain

COVID-19 infection totals have notched up another weekly and daily fall in the Valencian Community.

702 new cases were reported today, compared to 836 infections a week ago, and 1,593 cases back on August 12.

Today’s total is also 76 lower than yesterday.

Alicante Province is continuing to report the most cases at 380, with Valencia Province on 276, and just 46 in Castellon Province.

Despite having some of the lowest infection rates in Spain, coupled with a 76% fully-vaccinated population, the Valencian government is preferring to take things very cautiously.

They have left it until this Monday(September 6) to decide on which restrictions will be relaxed, with the current package expiring at 11.59 pm that night.

The government has made it clear that their objective is to gradually return to as ‘close as normal’ by Valencia Day on October 9.

Six deaths caused by COVID-19 were reported today with the pandemic total now at 7,683 up by 41 since last Thursday.

Hospital admissions continue to show significant reductions.

They now stand at 369 which is 25 fewer than yesterday.

On a week-to-week comparison, hospitalisations are down by 56 compared to last Thursday, and over 200 fewer than three weeks ago.

ICU numbers continue to stay in the low nineties.

Today’s total is 91, three down on yesterday and the August 26 total.

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