Covid and flu cases spike on Spain’s Costa del Sol: Health centres swell as pharmacies run out of tests and masks

A SURGE in Covid-19 and flu cases over the festive season is overloading health centres and hospitals on the Costa del Sol.

The number of patients exhibiting common cold-like symptoms such as runny noses, coughs, and a fever has led to a shortage of diagnostic tests and basic masks in pharmacies.

The uptick began in the run up to Christmas Eve but swelled on Boxing Day, according to Area Costa del Sol, coinciding with the end of the first phase of the holiday season.

According to the latest reports, there’s been a 51% increase in acute respiratory infection cases, jumping from 523.4 to 793.9 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, mainly affecting children under five.

This sudden surge has put a strain on healthcare resources all along the coast, with health centres and pharmacies struggling to cope with the increased demand for care and tests.

Medical professionals are urging those coming down with colds to perform at-home tests for flu-A and Covid-19 before heading to the clinic or hospital.

This advice is offered in an effort to prevent further virus spread as winter sets in.


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