Crazily affordable average property prices in Spain’s cheapest village

You’ll be forgiven for letting this town in central Spain go under your radar, but you should probably know about it if you want to buy a cheap home

Just 130 kilometres out of the Spanish capital the small and quaint town of Alcaudete de la Jara is the cheapest pueblo in the country.

Average property prices in the village in the province of Toledo are at 284€ per square metre. 

If you’re willing to do some renovation work, you can find large apartments for as little €12,500.

The town sits in central Spain in Castile-La Mancha and encapsulates the true, authentic spirit of the country, but it is within easy reach of Madrid and other larger and more cosmopolitan areas. 

According to 2018 Census data, the town has a population of just 1703 people.


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