Cruise ship passengers reveal what they like most about Spain’s Alicante

FOOD, safety, and weather are the three things about Alicante that cruise ship passengers are most impressed by.

The findings came in a survey conducted by the Alicante Cruise Tourism Association in association with the city’s tourist board.

Cruise travellers stopping off to visit Alicante were asked were to award marks out of five in a series of categories.

The latest study done last November and December gave the highest ratings to the quality of dining, coupled with the mild climate and feeling safe.

The lowest ratings were for signs showing the location of tourist information points and a lack of wi-fi zones.

Alicante Tourist Board head, Mari Carmen Sanchez, said: “These surveys are very useful to find out what passengers like about their city and they are on the whole very positive.”

“There is always room for improvement and we continue working to offer the best possible experience possible so a passenger who spends a day in the city returns for a longer holiday there or recommends it to family and friends,” added Sanchez.

The average expenditure per person per day was €61 with the most money spent on food, followed by general shopping and souvenir hunting.

Of those who stop off at Alicante, 53.3% travel as a couple; 13.3% with friends; 11% with family and 8.89% travel alone.


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