Cyclist, 59, is seriously injured after swerving to avoid a wild boar on Spain’s Costa Blanca

A COSTA Blanca cyclist was seriously injured on Saturday after veering out of the way of a wild boar and crashing to the ground.

The 59-year-old man was with five other experienced enthusiasts from Denia, using roads they knew well.

The group were heading to Castell de Castells at around 11.15am when a boar weighing around 100 kilos went straight across their path.



One of the cyclists fell to the ground when taking avoiding action and hit his head- losing consciousness.

His friends kept him breathing and paramedics arrived quickly to stabilise and intubate the injured rider.

Guardia Civil officers cordoned off the road to allow a medical helicopter to land and take the cyclist to Alicante General Hospital.

It’s the latest in a series of wild boar-related accidents in the Marina Alta region involving cyclists and road-users.

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