‘Dangerous’ cult group that controlled women and predicted the ‘collapse of the world’ is brought down by police in Spain

THE Guardia Civil has dismantled what they described as a ‘dangerous’ cult group called EVOL- that mistreated women in the Zaragoza area of Spain.

A man and three female associates have been arrested at an isolated farm in Escatron.

The sect leader told his followers that he was going to be the saviour of the world and tricked women into joining his group as they were manipulated and threatened.


The Guardia started their investigation after several complaints filed by victims in Barcelona.

They found that the sect, which was constituted as a legal association in 2018, recruited members that were forced not to have any outside contact.

The leader hosted workshops and spiritual retreats to boost personal growth during which the attendees were mentally manipulated.

Once fully on board, victims were asked to live on the Escatron farm under his guidance as he resorted to verbal and physical assaults to keep them in line.

Outside contact was banned and punished, with women humiliated in front of the rest of the sect.

The man regularly proclaimed that the world would ‘collapse’ in 2027 and that he was the only person who had enough knowledge to save the sect members and to establish ‘the new world’.

He highlighted the fundamental role of women, whom he considered as the ‘key’ to be able to create a new society.

After appearing before an investigating court in Caspe, the leader was imprisoned on charges of illicit association, fraud, threats, coercion and injuries, while his three female collaborators were bailed.

The Guardia Civil does not rule out more victims coming forward following the arrests, after previously being too scared to do so.

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