Dead giveaway as bakery robber with flour-stained clothes is arrested on a Costa Blanca street in Spain

AN Elche bakery robber has been arrested after police spotted him in the street with flour stains on his clothes.

The man, 42, forced his way into the premises with the help of a screwdriver.

He stole some money from the cash register before running away.

Unfortunately for him, he triggered an alert with cameras beaming back live footage of the break-in to a security centre.

The Policia Nacional responded to the incident with a good description of the intruder to work with.

Patrols swept the local area and spotted a man walking the streets with flour on his clothes.

His description matched that of the intruder on the video.

Officers discovered a screwdriver on him as well as a large amount of cash.

The man, with a criminal record, confessed on the spot and was arrested for robbery.

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