‘Demon barber of Palma’: Samurai-sword-wielding hairdresser who calls himself ‘the devil’ and ‘a Power Ranger’ released on bail yet again

PALMA residents are up in arms after a crazed barber who has terrorised them with machetes, swords, and even hairdressing razors has once again been released from jail.

He has roamed the streets topless in a maniacal state, threatening neighbours with the chilling cry: “I’m possessed by the devil. I’m going to kill you all.”

Residents of the Pere Garau neighbourhood have been living in fear for weeks due to the presence of this ‘demon barber’ on their streets.

A recent video filmed by a cowering witness shows a topless and muscular man wielding nunchucks and a samurai sword in a deranged state.

The crazed man and his family rented the historic ‘Peluquería Sabater’ barber shop on Calle Gabriel Llabrés in Palma earlier this year.

crazed hairdresser

The owner, nearing retirement after a long and distinguished career, believed that this hairdressing family, being fellow mallorquinos, would carry on his legacy.

He was wrong. They  almost immediately stopped paying rent, and the reign of terror began.

The Spaniard has been arrested on four separate occasions in just the past month alone, but every time he reaches the courts, he’s released.

His first arrest was in May, when he forcibly locked a girl into his barber shop against her will. 

When the police arrived, he brandished a razor and threatened anyone who came near.

On that occasion, police overpowered and arrested him and carted him off to the police station.

He was charged with illegal detention and causing injuries, but was soon back on the streets.

Just months later, he was reported to have been roaming the area around his barbershop wielding a machete and a sword.

Even more shockingly, he would sneak up on children and tell them, ‘I’m a Power Ranger, and I have a  knife.’

Shortly after, he launched himself into a frenzied attack on an 18-year-old teenager.

Raising his arms to defend himself, the teenager sustained vicious slash wounds across his wrists and shoulders which required emergency surgery.

The savage attack earned him charges for attempted murder, illegal detention, and grievous bodily harm. 

Unbelievably, the incredibly dangerous man was released once again, where he would be arrested twice more for violating a restraining order from the area.

Most recently, he was seen in the Santa Catalina leisure area brandishing an image of the Virgin of Pilar while telling people that he was a secret agent of the Civil Guard. 

Minutes later, he began hitting lampposts. 

It is unknown if he has been diagnosed with a mental condition during his various encounters with the law. He remains at large.


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