Desert dreaming: The world’s first off-grid ‘capsule hotel’ is located in the Gorafe desert in Spain’s Granada

An avant-garde new tourism project has opened in the heart of the Gorafe desert in the Granada.

In a world first, District Hive aims to change the current concept of luxury accommodation and offers a total disconnection from the outside world, through a deep immersion with the environment. 

The project features the first 100% self-sufficient and transportable modules or pods that can be deployed on any terrain, even where construction is not possible.

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The Dichomodule, created by the Spanish studio MOHO Arquitectos, has been designed from a multidisciplinary perspective and understands tourism in a sustainable, ecological and responsible way.

The pod hotel  is capable of generating its own water from the air, its own electricity from solar energy, and has  enough energy to power it for four days without sun.

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The management system of black water transforms waste into ash, and waste water from the kitchen and bathrooms is filtered through two filtering processes so that it can be used as irrigation water.

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The total autonomy of the module means that common and complementary services are not necessary, thus optimising resources and guaranteeing a reduction in the carbon footprint

The pod itself is a small 35m2 module divided into several spaces: a bathroom, a kitchen-living-dining room, a bedroom (one double bed and two hidden singles), multifunctional modular wardrobes and shelves, and a utility room for facilities and technical equipment The podtel also has an open terrace that is perfect for stargazing.

The District Hive project is the first in what its creators hope will mark a fundamental revolution in environmentally friendly tourism.

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The pioneering project was seen as ideal for a getaway in the Coloraos de Gorafe desert in the province of Granada in Andalucia.

Visitors are attracted to the area for its stark landscape where red sandstone has been eroded over milenia to form dramatic rock formations.

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It’s one of the best areas for stargazing in Spain with very little light pollution making it easy to see the nightsky with the naked eye.


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