Desperate paddle surfer cheats death by clinging onto a buoy off Spain’s Costa Blanca

A paddle surfer clung onto a buoy after winds threatened to take her out to sea off Guardamar del Segura.

The Dutch woman, 61, was rescued by the Guardia Civil after hanging onto the buoy for an hour.

The surfer was diagnosed with mild hypothermia after her ordeal.

She was reunited with her husband when the Guardia vessel, the Rio Ladra, docked at Santa Pola.

The drama unfolded at around 1.00 pm on Wednesday.

The woman was paddle surfing off Playa de la Marina when a westerly wind took her 500 metres away from the coast.

She frantically tried to change course several times but with no success.

In fear of drowning, she fortunately spotted a buoy to grab.

Her husband raised the alarm when he saw his wife was unable to reach the shore.

He phoned emergency services, who contacted the Alicante Guardia Civil Maritime Service to initiate the rescue.


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