Developer submits slightly-changed new home plan for unspoilt section of Spain’s Costa Blanca

PLANS for 2,200 new homes at Cala Mosca on the Orihuela Costa have been formally re-submitted by the developer, Gomendio.

There have been some slight amendments to take account of a largely-positive Valencian government environmental impact study report last July and there appear to be no legal obstacles remaining to stop the project from going ahead.

Known as the last ‘virgin’ piece of coast in the Orihuela municipality, the marginally-amended plan is up for public consultation until the end of February.

The presence of unique flora and fauna led to the suspension of building plans in 2007, with sustained opposition led by environmentalists and residents

The tweaked Gomendio proposals include an expansion of a protected micro-reserve area for the cat head plant.

Gomendio says that 99.8% of cat head plants would be maintained in their original areas compared to 25.6% in the original 2007 plan.

It adds that the micro-reserve area will go up from 2.95 hectares to 11.1 hectares.

The constructor has reaffirmed that there will also be a reserve to guarantee the conservation of the Tudorella sulcata snail.

The number of plots destined for holiday home construction will therefore be reduced, with public areas created to ‘preserve the environment’, says Gomendio.

Their formal resubmission comes after a failed bid last autumn by Orihuela mayor, Carolina Gracia to get meaningful talks to see if they could build elsewhere.

The PSOE-led Orihuela council cannot realistically rescind approval for the project, as it would have to pay €200 million in compensation to the developer.

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