Discover the Impressive 15-metre Waterfall that Plunges into the Sea in Spain’s Malaga

WITH the high temperatures hitting the province this summer, many of the most refreshing spots in Malaga province come to light, including one of Nerja’s hidden gems.

Nestled next to an imposing rock formation, the stunning Maro waterfall, known as ‘La Cascada de Maro,’ plummets a remarkable 15 metres down the cliff-face into the sea below.

A true hidden treasure amidst the Cliffs of Maro and Cerro Gordo, this magnificent cascade stands as the largest among its counterparts in the vicinity.

Fed by underground springs from the surrounding Sierra de Almijara mountains, the cascading water forms a crystal-clear stream that meanders through lush vegetation and rocky terrains before reaching its grand crescendo as it hurtles and foams into the surf.

Although some adventurers prefer to jump from the 15-meter free fall where the waterfall flows, the most recommended and safe way to access and experience this impressive spot is by sea.

Adventurous souls can rent kayaks from Playa de Maro between March and October in order to discover this imposing waterfall from the sea, where it is best viewed, and located a mere 5-minute distance from the beach.


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