Disturbing trend in number of bodies being found by Spanish authorities

The number of bodies being found in Spain is on the increase, disturbing figures show. 

According to the Ministry of the Interior, state security services and police found 226 dead bodies in 2021, the highest figure in recent years.

In 2021, 2,285 people were reported missing – This means that 61 people disappeared every day in Spain that year.

The number of missing persons has been tracked since 2009 in Spain.

Among the more than 22,000 reports are 14,777 people; 3,990 of them repeat offenders and have been reported missing more than once in 2021, or in previous years. 

Since the introduction of the Missing Persons and Human Remains (PDyRH) system in 2009, a total of 117 bodies have been identified. 

Of the 243,768 reports of disappearances registered, 94% have been resolved. 

Almost half received a clarification within three days and more than 77% within 15 days of the report – But 5,411 cases still remain unsolved.


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