Don’t spend too much on energy in Spain!

ARE you spending too much on gas in the winter for heating and hot water?
You may have heard of Air Source Heat pumps (ASHP) or Aerothermia, as they are called in Spain.
There are many myths surrounding these devices, which we will address below but, if you are still unsure, we are more than happy to work with you to see if an Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) makes sense for you.

Heat pumps are expensive – they are not cheap in the short term, when compared to a boiler, but they are highly efficient compared to burning gas, so in the long run you will spend less on electricity than you would have done on gas. In addition, there are government grants that are relatively easy to apply for.

  • The this link provides more information on these grants:
    We will help you to determine the size of the system you need and provide an overall quote.
  • Heat pumps only work with underfloor heating, not with radiators. This used to be true, or you would have to resize (replace) all your radiators. This is no longer the case as there are specific heat pumps that are temperature efficient with radiators.
  • Aren’t they expensive to maintain? No, they are actually cheap, especially in our climate. Generally, keep the area around the outside unit clear of plants etc. to allow good airflow.

Overall benefits:

Long term savings over burning gas
No running out of gas or having to monitor gas levels and arrange reorders.

Low maintenance

They are electric, so if you have solar or are considering adding solar, the overall cost of your energy for your property can be reduced substantially, if sized correctly.
They generally add more perceived value to your property, when and if you come to sell it, as more and more purchasers are aware of the ever-increasing cost of gas and look to see how energy efficient the property is.

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