Double Celestial Delight: Two Eclipses, both visible from Spain’s Andalucia, await this autumn

THIS autumn holds a special treat for astronomy enthusiasts as both a solar and lunar eclipse will be visible from Spain, making it an exciting season for skywatching.

To kick off, this autumn will feature an annular solar eclipse, set to occur on October 14.

The prime viewing locations for this celestial event will be the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, and Brazil.

In Spain, however, it will only be partially visible, specifically in the westernmost Canary Islands and with low magnitudes, as confirmed by the National Astronomical Observatory (OAN).

solar eclipse e
Solar eclipse.

The second eclipse, a partial lunar eclipse scheduled for October 28, will have slightly improved visibility from Spain.

This astronomical event will be observable from the eastern regions of America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia.

In Spain, the partial phase of the eclipse is anticipated to take place between 9:35 pm and 10:53 pm local time.

Additional cosmic events of interest during autumn will include the Draconid meteor shower, expected to peak around October 8, the Orionids on October 21, the Leonids on November 17, and the Geminids on December 14.


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