Drone discovers 7,000 year-old cave paintings in inaccessible areas of Spain’s Alicante area

AN Alicante University team has used a drone to get down inaccessible caves and record video footage of 7,000 year-old rock paintings.

The works found in Penaguila were found in several caves in the area and have been described as some of the most sites of Neolithic art documented in the Valencian Community for decades.

The university archaeologists believe that this could be the ‘start of many discoveries over future years in unnoticed areas that could be entered because of difficulties with access’.

Two climbers went as far they could into the caves at Castellet-Barranc de Salt and Port de Penaguila before setting the drone on its way.

It recorded videos of wall cavities in 18 shallow shelters and discovered paintings in two of them.

The El Salt discoveries include female figures and archers, as well as deers and goats- some wounded by arrows.

The other site produced images that are more difficult to interpret but a more detailed study will take place.

University researcher and drone pilot, Molina Hernandez, said: “Using a drone has led us to find prehistoric cave paintings of different styles which will give us plenty to study.”

The Penaguila area has produced a series of findings, including some outstanding discoveries back in the 1980’s.

The authenticity of the new images has been verified by the Valencian region directorate for Culture and Heritage.

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