Drone taxis will take you from Malaga Airport to Marbella by 2030 – this will be the price of the journey

THE journey from Malaga to Marbella could be shortened to just 20 minutes by taking a futuristic drone taxi – but it won’t come cheap.

This futuristic vision is predicted to become a reality in 2030, thanks to groundbreaking technology from a Spanish company pioneering these innovative aerial vehicles.

Crisalion Mobility, the only company in Spain designing the flying car, has unveiled plans to introduce air taxis on the Costa del Sol by 2030. 

This new mode of transport, powered by drones, will have capacity for five passengers plus the pilot and will cruise at a speed of 180 kilometres per hour.

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It is envisaged that the drone taxi will travel at 180 kilometres per hour and charge between €150 – €200 for a Malaga to Marbella trip

They will not be able to maintain that speed for one hour, however, as they will just have a range of 130 kilometres – but more than enough for a round trip between Malaga and Marbella.

The innovation will eliminate the need for lengthy commutes, trying to find a parking space in Marbella or patiently waiting at an ugly bus station. 

However, it probably won’t save you in your wallet – Crisalion Mobility estimates fares to range between €150 and €200.

Although not majorly more expensive than a regular taxi, the air taxis will be an attractive option for travellers seeking a speedy and exclusive mode of transportation.

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The company envisions a network of routes connecting Malaga Airport, luxury hotels in the region, and exclusive destinations like La Zagaleta, Puerto Banus, and the Ascari Circuit in Ronda.

Crisalion Mobility, who will manufacture the air taxis, will partner with Jetofrece, an aviation company, to oversee the operation of the service. 

Crisalion Mobility’s CEO, Carlos Poveda, shared in an interview with Cadena Ser that the company is already working on implementing the first flying taxi in Malaga. 

It marks a significant step forwards in mobility along the Costa del Sol, a region whose transport infrastructure has long been neglected.

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