Drought latest in Spain: Major tourist region could lift emergency measures next week due to recent rainfall

CATALUNYA could lift its drought emergency order next week in the Ter-Llobregat basin, which supplies the metropolitan area of Barcelona and parts of Girona.

The possible repeal of the measure- declared three months ago- comes after several days of rain that has improved water reserves.

They are currently above 20% and in the case of the largest network in Catalunya, the Ter-Llobregat, it stands at 23% capacity.



The Minister of Climate Action and Rural Agenda, David Mascort, said that ‘a lot of water’ is entering the reservoirs and quoted the Sau as an example of a big improvement after it has been severely impacted by the drought.

A final decision will be made at next week’s meeting of the Interdepartmental Drought Commission, where the anticipated water consumption for the summer season will be analysed.

Mascort said that despite rainfall levels subsiding, it is expected that water will continue to enter the reservoirs over the coming days, therefore increasing reserves.

He warned that he wants to work out short-term scenarios to be sure that if the emergency and restrictions are lifted, measures will not have to be restored within a few days.

The Catalan Water Agency (ACA) reported figures from Wednesday that showed the internal basins have exceeded 20% of their capacity.

The numbers show they are 21.3% full with 147.69 hm3- a figure that has not been reached since late October.

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