Drought latest: Town halls are given the power to lift the ban on filling private swimming pools in Spain’s Andalucia

INDIVIDUAL town halls in Andalucia will decide whether private swimming pools can be filled with water during the current drought.

The Andalucian government has delegated the final say to municipalities, who will take account of imposed water consumption limits and supply needs for residents.

Regional president, Juanma Moreno, said that councils should take a decision based on their local circumstances.


PRESIDENT MORENO(Cordon Press image)

Moreno said that the western part of Andalucia is better off with water supplies but described resources as ‘very tight’ in the east, especially in Almeria and Malaga.

The passing down of decision making to municipalities does not cover the filling of community pools, which was stopped across the region a month ago, along with private pools.

Juanma Moreno said: “We have passed on the warnings to local councils about water consumption limits with the proviso that they have a duty to show maximum responsibility.”

“The municipalities will make the decision and it would be very good for us to have rain in April and May,” he added.

The government announced on March 14 that they would continue to allow the filling of municipal public swimming pools and those at sports or social clubs, as well as those in health centres used for therapy, and pools in officially registered tourist accommodation.

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