Drug mules posed as tourists to smuggle cocaine to Spain’s Castellon area from Peru

A cocaine trafficking gang that employed mules posing as tourists flying to Madrid from Peru has been brought down by the Policia Nacional.

The drugs were smuggled into the country for onward distribution across Castellon province.

13 people have been arrested in Madrid, Valencia, Castellon de la Plana, Onda, Oropesa del Mar and Artesa, with seven of the group jailed.

The organisation operated out of Onda but was led by a Madrid-based man who coordinated all of the logistics.

The bogus tourists were paid considerable amounts of money to bring over the cocaine from Peru.

They were greeted by gang members at Madrid airport who took them to different addresses in Castellon province.

Once the mule’s consignment had been deposited, the drugs were quickly distributed by gang members via a wide range of contacts and clandestine drug sales points in Castellon and Valencia.

The gang had operated for some months and adopted security measures to avoid being investigated.

They also supplemented their cocaine revenue by running an indoor marijuana farm.

Addresses were visited by Policia Nacional over several days with seizures including cocaine, marijuana, designer drugs, hydraulic presses, precision scales, money, indoor growing equipment, mobile phones, knives, ammunition and two vehicles.

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