Drugs gang used latest technology to foil police in Spain’s Costa Blanca and Murcia areas

AN Albanian drugs gang that grew marijuana in Costa Blanca and Murcia properties has been brought down by the Guardia Civil.

The group committed similar offences in Germany, Greece, and Italy, before rolling up in Spain.

All of the rented houses used in El Campello, Molina de Segura, and Lorqui were equipped with state of the art technology so that lights and temperatures for the crops could be remotely controlled.

The high tech investment meant that neighbours would not get suspicious about frequent comings and goings from properties.

Rented Property

Another preventative measure was the use of sophisticated LED lights which substantially reduced electricity consumption- another traditional red flag for authorities that marijuana growing may be taking place.

Five men and a woman- all of Albanian nationality- have been arrested, with the Alicante investigating court jailing all of the males.

Marijuana plants weighing 180 kilos were seized in five raids along with 51 kilos of marijuana buds and €6,700 in cash plus multiple phones and fake identity papers used by the gang members.


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