Dutch tourist thanks police officers who virtually brought him back to life after he collapsed and had no pulse during holiday on Spain’s Costa Blanca

A DUTCH tourist has thanked the police for saving his life after he collapsed inside a Costa Blanca shop.

He also wants to personally meet the heroic El Campello Policia Local officers after hospital doctors told him it was all down to them that he’s still alive.

The man was inside a store on Calle Muro in the north of the town on March 21, when he lost consciousness.


A police patrol promptly appeared and found he had no pulse and was unresponsive.

Officers gave him CPR and used a defibrillator that they kept in their car.

With an ambulance arrival delayed, another police car took doctors from the local health centre to the scene.

His condition was stabilised after around 90 minutes and as paramedics took him to the ambulance, onlookers went into spontaneous applause.

The Dutch national has fully recovered after spending over a month in hospital and has arranged a meeting with the life-saving police officers to pass on his gratitude.

Last June, El Campello police saved a person under similar circumstances in the Mercadillo area with the help of a defibrillator.

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