Eat like a local: These are the most typical dishes served on Christmas Eve in southern Spain

As the festive season rolls around, Andalucía gears up for its cherished Christmas Eve dinner, a time-honoured tradition that kicks off the holiday feasting

In many Andalusian homes, the menu for Nochebuena, as Christmas Eve is known in Spanish, is a sacred ritual, repeated year after year with little variation. 

Yet, there are those who love to sprinkle a dash of modern flair into their holiday cooking. 

Whether you’re a stickler for tradition or a culinary innovator, there are certain dishes that are likely to grace your table this December 24th.

Let’s start with the appetiser that sets the tone for the night: Grilled Langostinos. 

This simple yet sumptuous starter involves prawns cooked on a hot grill with a pinch of salt, peeled swiftly, and enjoyed heartily. 

grilled langostinos
Grilled prawns are a staple of any Andalucian Christmas Eve

Next up, the soul-warming Sopa de Picadillo. This hot soup, made from broth with noodles, diced ham, hard-boiled egg, and cubes of fried bread, is the perfect way to whet the appetite and warm the stomach.

Then, for a cold dish, there are the ever-popular Huevos Rellenos

Often filled with a mix of tuna, mayonnaise, and hard-boiled egg (though variations abound), these stuffed eggs can be garnished with pepper, olives, or parsley. 

And no Christmas Eve feast in Andalusia would be complete without the indispensable sweets – Turrones and Polvorones. 

These traditional Christmas confections are the grand finale to an evening of gastronomic nostalgia and delight.

So, as you gather around the table this Nochebuena, embrace the flavours and joys of Andalucian Christmas traditions, whether you’re sticking to the classics or adding your own twist to the festive feast!


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