Eight-year-old boy dies in car crash amid heavy rain and flooding in Spain’s Granada

TRAGEDY in Granada as an eight-year-old boy dies in a car crash due to heavy rain and flooding. 

The incident took place on the A-92 motorway on Saturday, April 20. 

At around 17:00pm emergency services attended the scene, 224km up the motorway as it passed through Cijuela. 

The road was flooded with water as a result of heavy rain. 

Floods have swept across the region of Granada over the weekend.
Photo: @dipgra/Twitter

Traffic officers of the Guardia Civil are now investigating the incident. 

The little boy was hit by a car, causing various witnesses to call emergency services, who deployed Guardia Civil, firefighters and emergency workers to the scene. 

The firefighters helped two people escape from one of the vehicles involved in the incident. 

One of these victims has died while the other is severely injured and is currently in hospital. 

The accident happened just two days after another deadly incident on the A-92, in which two people died. 

Two women aged 20 and 21 were pronounced dead while the other two, aged 23 and 31, were hospitalised. 

According to Emergency Services 112, rain and storms in the region have led to hundreds of calls in the area. 

Many homes have been flooded and vehicles trapped by the influx of water.

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