Elderly pensioner on moped smashes into pram at Gibraltar zebra crossing, gets month-long driving ban

A COURT banned an elderly pensioner from driving in Gibraltar after she mowed down a pram with a baby in it at a zebra crossing.

Christine Trico, 73, of Europort Avenue, drove her moped into the pram carrying the ten-month-old baby after she failed to stop at the crossing in February last year.

The court heard how the mother carrying the pram tried to turn the pram away from the septuagenarian on her motorbike speeding toward her.

But she was unable to avoid the collision.

Instead, the moped snagged the pram and dragged it down the road with the baby inside.

Fortunately, neither the baby nor anyone else was hurt in the accident.

The court heard that while other vehicles stopped for the pram, Trico just kept on riding.

Gibraltar’s national broadcaster GBC noted that she initially claimed that she was innocent but later changed to a guilty plea.

The magistrates said they wanted to ban her from driving for longer but under the Careless Driving charge could only get her off the roads for a month.

They also slapped her with a £200 fine she needs to pay by September or face prison time.


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