Elderly woman on Spain’s Costa Blanca defrauded in contactless payment scam

AN Alicante woman in her eighties was defrauded of €5,485 by a female who lived with her, after using her bank details to go on a spending spree.

The fraudster got hold of the home owner’s bank card and linked it up with a ‘contactless’ payment app on her mobile phone.

The card never disappeared, meaning that the account holder was oblivious to what was going on.

In a two-month period, the deceitful resident and a female friend racked up 200 illegal bank charges.

They dined at luxury restaurants and made purchases from clothing, cosmetic and jewellery stores.

The flurry of spending ended when the victim’s son saw a bank statement featuring places she never used.

He reported the unauthorised transactions to the Policia Nacional.

Two women, aged 22 and 33, have been arrested and charged with fraud.


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