ELECTION 2023: Razor edge finish predicted as voting ends in Gibraltar key poll

CIVIL Servants have started counting up the votes to Gibraltar’s general election after polling stations closed at 10pm on October.

Voting started at 9am in the morning and finished at 10pm bringing to a close the 15th general election since the 1969 Constitution.

A GBC exit poll suggested that the GSD could clinch the win but it could all boil down to just a handful of votes between GSD newcomer Atrish Sanchez and Liberal Leslie Bruzon.

According to the exit poll, Vijay Daryanani and Youssef El Hana would miss out of a place in parliament.

All the results are now being broadcast live by the parliament.gi website as they come in, as soon as 20% of the votes have come in.

The final turnout was 18694, quite a high proportion of the total people who can vote of 25,198.

It added up to about just over 74% of the adult voting population, a high turnout for Gibraltar.

Of those who voted, over half of them were in their 40s, 50s and 60s.

The 50s age group made up the biggest age group as 17.6% of their total quantity of people who took part, adding up to nearly 4,500 votes.

People in their 20s made up 10.7% of the vote and those in their 30s marked 15.1 % of the total.

The nearly 20% left over being in their 70s, 80s and 90s, one of which was Sir Joe Bossano himself.

The distribution between male and female genders was almost equal.

Men slightly topped the women in the end by 1.3%.

According to the exit poll, the three top voted candidates would be from the GSD slate.

The exit poll suggested Caretaker Chief Minister Fabian Picardo would even come in behind Deputy Chief Minister Joseph Garcia, which would be a shocking result for Gibraltar’s leader for the last 12 years.

But the results will start to come through soon and the picture would become clearer.


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