Electric scooter BANNED on all buses and metro trains in Spain’s Andalucia from start of new year after explosions

ELECTRIC scooters will be temporarily banned on buses and metro trains in Spain’s Andalucia from the new year, the regional government has decreed.

The Junta de Andalucia has blamed “the dangerous situations created by battery fires in recent months on public transport” for the ban.

This halt to carrying these e-scooters on public transport follows plans to certify all safely built electric scooters from Januaray 21.

However, the general public will continue to be able to ride all scooters until 2027, the General Traffic Directorate has confirmed.

But in order to ‘maintain the security of travellers over everything’, the Andalucian regional government said it will slap a ban on carrying these scooters on public transport.

The ban across all of Andalucia follows similar bans in the rest of Spain and the EU.

Renfe banned all scooters on their trains from December 12 after stunning explosions destroyed a railway cabin in Madrid.

Additionally, two new university studies have recommended authorities control scooter use on public roads, especially at peak times.

They have pointed out to the risk of accident to both the driver and pedestrian from the use of scooters.


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