Emergency call centre nurse helps save life of choking young baby on Spain’s Costa Blanca

THE PARENTS of a two-month-old baby saved her life on Sunday night after following instructions from an emergency call centre nurse.

The youngster was taken to Torrevieja Hospital and released after a check-up which showed her to be in ‘good health’ due to the collaboration between her parents and the nurse, Marta Martinez Campos.


Her mother and father- from the Orihuela Costa- dialled the Valencia region emergency 112 number shortly after 11.00pm to say that their daughter had choked after drinking some milk and was suffering a cardiorespiratory arrest.

The 112 operator transferred the call to a nurse while an ambulance was mobilised to the home.

Nurse Marta then guided the parents through what they should do in carrying out a basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Since the family home was just a short drive from Torrevieja Hospital, they decided not to wait for the ambulance and went there while continuing the resuscitation in their car.

Instructions continued to be passed on by Marta and after three to four cycles of manoeuvres, the little girl started to cry.

That wasn’t the end of the phone call, as Marta insisted on staying on the line until the parents got into the Emergency Room.

Medics said that thanks to everybody’s work, the baby was in ‘good health’ and discharged her after a quick check up.

“The little girl’s family was super grateful,” said nurse Marta Marinez Campos.

“The most important thing was how carefully they listened to my instructions and made things perfect because the result was excellent.”

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