English-speaking couple who ‘insulted’ a waiter in Spain are stunned after he ‘understood everything they said’ and suggested they have better ‘manners’

A WAITER at a Madrid burger restaurant says he suffered an unpleasant experience with two English-speaking clients who disrespected him.

Unay Ferrer shared his story via social media and described the pair as ‘two loud-mouthed customers’ who he shocked later on with his own English language skills.

The couple, who spoke English, tried to place their order in Spanish, and Unay, showing professionalism, attended them in his native language.

However, things got complicated when the woman said in English that she didn’t want ice in her drink and then started to shout at him in a derogatory manner.


Unay, annoyed, expressed his displeasure: “You are not a sprinkler, nor a rattlesnake, nor am I a mountain goat. Don’t joke at me, leave me alone and yell at me afterwards.”

The young waiter lamented the lack of respect and said he wanted customers to speak to him politely.

Despite the annoyance, Unay remained calm, but the situation escalated when he heard the couple say bad things about him in English and take a homophobic stance against him.

One of the customers commented that Unay was ‘not even good for waiting’ and that he should study. They added that he was ‘one of those people’ that there are ‘more and more of these days’, which Unay took as a homophobic stance.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was when the man mentioned Unay’s parents in a derogatory manner.

At that point, Unay put an end to the situation, and instead of responding aggressively, he served them and told them in Spanish, “Here you go, thank you.”

He further added in English: “By the way, the drink doesn’t have ice in it as requested. Hopefully I can also serve you a little bit of manners.”

The couple, instead of apologising, asked for a bag to take the order to their hotel, saying that they were ‘running late’.

The unsavoury experience left Unay questioning why ‘the vast majority of clients are like this’.

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