EU to fund €3m eco tourism projects for region popular with expats on Spain’s Costa Blanca

ORIHUELA COSTA is to reap the benefit of Spain’s EU membership by taking advantage of a €3m fund for sustainable tourism in the area.

European funds will be available for the Destination Tourism Sustainability project, launched in Orihuela yesterday, September 21

Orihuela Scene
ELECTRIC LINKS: Eco buses will link Orihuela with Orihuela Costa

The city’s mayor, Emilio Bascuñana, along with Mariola Rocamora and José Galiano, from Tourism & Transport respectively, presented the project as part of the nationwide call for eco-friendly tourism.

Rocamora explained, “With this plan we act from different areas: mobility, nature and heritage.”

Focus will also be developed in the improvement of energy efficiency; the digital transition; and competitiveness with other areas. 

Foto Rueda De Prensa Presentación Programa Turismo
PRESENTING THE EU FUNDING FOR GREEN PROJECTS: José Galiano, Emilio Bascuñana and Mariola Rocamora

A 17-point master-plan is expected soon, for both Orihuela (city) and Orihuela Costa, which includes popular expat areas such as Playa Flamenca, Cabo Roig and Campoamar.

Bascuñana exclaimed, “It is an exciting project and very well developed, [it] will bring very important actions for tourism development in the municipality.”

Main Points


The creation of a car park connected with the different public transport systems, providing a safe and sustainable way to move around central Orihuela.

Plans are mooted to use Artificial Intelligence via CCTV to determine how full the car parks are in real time.

That information will be displayed in a specific section of the Tourist App, allowing the visitor to plan their visit without using too many resources.


Data sourced from AirBnB etc is used to give a holistic overview of all tourist accommodation available in real time, including rates and reservation platforms.


The creation of a combined charging station and loan point for electric bikes. Provision will be made to protect the stored bikes from vandalism and inclement weather, reducing long-term maintenance costs.

The same tourist app can advise users of the location and cost of bikes, as well as process payments etc.


Three Orihuela Costa services will connect the region’s main city with coastal areas.


The roads and trails that will make up the Río Segura Nature Trail between the Cenajo and La Pedrera reservoirs will be upgraded.


Virtual reconstructions of Orihuela streets and the different heritage sites of the area, with information on the buildings, audio guides, photographs and access instructions.


New road-signs to improve visitors’ experience in the area, taking into account their integration to the urban landscape.


Sensory containers that monitor the collection of waste, so that tanks are emptied only when near-full, reducing maintenance costs.

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