EXCLUSIVE: Brit ex-footballer admitted for gallstone op but loses right leg at scandal-hit hospital on Spain’s Costa Blanca

A BRITISH EXPAT went into Torrevieja Hospital for routine gallstone treatment, and came out minus his right leg.

James survived the experience, but must suffer the rest of life with a prosthetic leg as an amputee, explains his wife Ann (surnames removed for fear of repercussions).

This follows exclusive revelations published by The Olive Press, highlighting various issues that families have had to address at the same hospital.

On this occasion, a diabetic 68-year-old was first admitted on November 5, 2020, after high blood pressure and a sporadic heart rate.

James At Hospital Pixelated
STUCK: James’ confinement led to bedsores, blood poisoning and amputation, claims his wife
PHOTO: Copyright Olive Press Spain

The couple had previously enjoyed a fit and healthy lifestyle, with James – an ex-semi semi-professional footballer – playing golf three times a week, since the couple moved to Spain in 2019.

Tests quickly revealed a gallbladder infection and an operation was scheduled, but not before he was tied to the bed, which led to bedsores, according to Ann.

After suffering in bed for a week, James was sent home after the operation on November 14, but without any aftercare advice and still wearing his catheter.

Exercise Caution James Bedsore
AGONY: Late stage bedsores on James’ back
PHOTO: Copyright Olive Press Spain

Within a week, he was admitted back to Torrevieja Hospital with a urine infection.

Further tests and treatment did not improve James’s health, as he was often confused and drifting in and out of consciousness.

Ann’s diary of the saga, shared exclusively with The Olive Press, then revealed the full horror of his visit and treatment at the hands of staff at Torrevieja.

Dated December 7 2020, it reads, “terrified during the night as he wakes up to a war zone.”

James's Ann's Notes
TRAGIC: Notes kept by Ann, James’ wife
PHOTO: Copyright Olive Press Spain

The next day’s entry reads: “Right leg is painful below knee, doctor says might be blood clot, getting ultra-scan ordered.”

Later, she added: “Confirmed blood clot and doctor says leg is dead, going to amputate tomorrow!”

Ending with the final words: “Gone for surgery”.

The next time Ann saw James, he was an amputee, less than five weeks after gallstone treatment.

The couple are still waiting for a full explanation why such a horrific issue should arise from a straightforward visit to the hospital.

James is now working on his upper body strength to ensure a good quality of life when he receives his new leg. 

He still has a catheter fitted and is still receiving treatment for bowel issues brought on by the blood poisoning from the bed sore, explained Ann.

The Olive Press have continually tried contacting the hospital for comment, but none has been forthcoming.


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