EXCLUSIVE: British expat family in Marbella are ‘so proud’ after their young daughter wows judges on The Voice Kids in Spain

A YOUNG British expat from Marbella has wowed judges on The Voice Kids Spain, making her family ‘so proud’. 

Carmen Holden was just 11 when she stepped out onto the La Voz Kids stage. 

The British expat moved to Marbella when she was a toddler and her home has always been full of music. 

“Don’t let my name fool you, I’m Scottish” she proudly said in the episode, aired on Saturday, May 4. 

“We like to listen to music a lot at home,” she continued. 

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Photo: La Voz Kids Antena 3

“My dad sings and my brother plays guitar. We’ve tried to make a band and we’ve written songs. It’s great.” 

With music in her blood, Carmen claims many people have told her she has ‘a special voice’. 

She was often encouraged to sign up to The Voice but ‘never thought she’d actually be able to do it’. 

However, Carmen, now 12, fought back her ‘nerves’, saying: “I’m nervous but excited to go out and sing. 

“For me, The Voice Kids is just a game, whatever happens, the most important thing is to enjoy it.” 

She sang a heart wrenching rendition of ‘Always Remember Us This Way’, by Lady Gaga. 

The song was featured in the acclaimed film, A Star is Born and includes some impressive notes. 

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It was one of these that made Spanish pop star, Lola Indigo, push her big red button and sign Carmen up to her team. 

After congratulating Carmen and giving her a hug, Lola shared her surprise at seeing someone so young. 

She said: “You did really well, there were little things to improve, but to me it’s not important because you’re still so young. 

“When I turned and saw you, so small, I thought ‘this can’t be right’..but now you’re with me, next time, no nerves, calm, with me by your side we’ll go forward and just enjoy it.”

The pair broke out in ‘happy’ tears, according to Lola: “I was very happy when I saw her because she is so cute, sweet and excited.” 

Meanwhile, Pop Flamenco artist Rosario Flores praised Carmen, saying: “You don’t know how good your voice is! I was about to turn around but when Lola turned, I knew I couldn’t steal you from her!”

In between many ‘thank yous’, Carmen managed to say: “I’ve seen you all on TV so to see you now is incredible.”

Singer David Bisbal then asked Carmen where she was from. 

Upon hearing she was from Marbella, he exclaimed: “Enjoying Andalucia, you’ve chosen a spectacular place to live.” 

Carmen and her family enjoying the sun at Playa Bolonia, Tarifa.
Photo: The Olive Press

Her new coach, Lola, inaugurated Carmen into her team, giving her an ‘Equipo Lola’ bracelet. 

Carmen is a great fit for the singer and dancer, also known as Miriam Doblas Muñoz. 

The expat loves Hip Hop dancing and is part of a troupe at Fuego Dance, Fuengirola. 

Speaking to the Olive Press, Carmen’s mum Angela Lafferty, said: “We are so, so proud of her for being so brave. Seeing her walk out on that stage alone was so nerve-wracking for us, but she is a brave little girl and she has always loved singing, so she was determined to do it. 

“It’s also great for her as an expat to be part of something Spanish, to feel like she belongs to this country.”

To follow Carmen’s journey, watch La Voz Kids on Antena 3 at 10pm every Saturday.

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