EXCLUSIVE: ‘Our motorhome holiday in Spain was ruined by an organised crime gang – don’t make the same mistake we did!’

AN Australian couple have sounded the alarm after having their motorhome holiday to Spain ruined by an ‘organised’ criminal gang.

John Dickson, 76, was this week travelling with his wife in the north of the country when they decided to stop at the Camperarea Donostia Arena in San Sebastian.

However after a ‘lovely’ day of exploring the city, they returned to their motorhome to find it had been raided by thieves, who stole more than €12,000 worth of goods.

A fuming Dickson told the Olive Press: “On our Very first day in Spain we left our Motorhome at the Camperarea Donostia Arena , San Sebastián to explore the city and enjoy the local hospitality.

John Dickson, 76, and his wife outside their motorhome before it was raided (COPYRIGHT OLIVE PRESS SPAIN)

“We had a great day, but upon our return we realised we had been broken into.

“All my wife’s jewellery, handbags, our laptop and tablet plus cash all gone!”

The couple immediately called in police who scanned the vehicle for fingerprints but found no trace of the robbers.

Dickson said the value of the stolen goods was around €12,000, before adding the costs of a shattered window.

He believes the gang were wearing gloves and were therefore ‘organised’ and ‘well-planned’.

Police dust for finerprints inside Dickson’s motorhome (COPYRIGHT OLIVE PRESS SPAIN)

Dickson added: “It is a very sad situation when you realise your ‘home’ has been violated in such a way.

“It also reflects badly on Spain and has been reported to people back in Australia

“I hope others reading our story will observe and report any suspicious activity – and do not leave any valuables in your motorhome!”

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