EXCLUSIVE: Outrage in expat haven near Benidorm after council cuts down ‘tens of mature trees’ because they were ‘making bumps in a cycle path’ – despite ‘most cyclists using the main road anyway’

EXPATS and locals are fuming after a town hall in Spain cut down tens of mature mulberry trees because they were making bumps in a cycle path.

Workers in the inland town of Polop, near Benidorm, spent weeks chopping down the trees, which provided much-needed shade for walkers.

French expat Sebastien Duclert, 46, told the Olive Press that residents have blasted the ‘stupid’ move, particularly given that ‘most cyclists use the main road anyway.’

He said: “They were mature trees, it’s such a shame. I tried to take it to the town hall but no one ever got back to me.

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Stumps of mature mulberry trees after being cut in Polop
The rows of mulberry trees at risk from being cut by the town hall in Polop

“The cycle path is hardly used by cyclists, most of them go on the main road up to the mountain. It is more used by walkers who enjoyed the shade they provided.

“I don’t understand why it’s not a priority for people to value trees, we need more shade as temperatures get hotter and hotter.”

He added: “All the locals agree that it’s stupid, people in Spain don’t protest enough like we do in France!”

The Olive Press has contacted Polop town hall for comment.

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