EXPLAINER: These are the new COVID-19 measures—including face mask rules—in Spain’s Andalucia from Friday

HALF of Andalucia’s health districts are set to be given the green light to transition into Alert Level 0.

Following a meeting by the territorial committee of High Impact Public Health Alerts on Wednesday afternoon, Junta president, Juanma Moreno, has announced the measures that will be in place in those municipalities that drop to Alert Level 0.

The transition to a lower alert level will see all restrictions on capacity and opening hours in shops, hotels and restaurants lifted.

Specifically, 100% capacity will be permitted in theatres, museums, bullrings, concerts and local, provincial and regional sports competitions.

At the moment there are no municipalities at this level, although the territorial committee of High Impact Public Health Alerts is due to meet later on Thursday September 30, to analyse the epidemiological situation of the 33 health districts in the region, and it is expected that half of the districts will be given the thumbs up to drop to the ‘low risk’ level, as of tomorrow, Friday.

In general, all those health districts with an incidence rate of less than 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in 14 days will transition from Alert Level 1 to Alert level 0.

Check the interactive map HERE to see alert levels for municipalities across Andalucia.

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In regards to face masks, Moreno said that this measure was in the hands of the central government, and remains in force even in those localities that drop to Alert Level 0.

According to Moreno, face masks will still be mandatory for ‘several months’ however, ‘steps are being taken towards that long-awaited normality’.

Currently the face mask rules are as follows:

  • Face masks are not mandatory outdoors in Spain where a 1.5m physical distance is guaranteed.
  • Andalucia still recommends the wearing of masks outdoors even though it’s not obligatory.
  • People must carry a mask at all times in case it is required; in anticipation of outdoor crowds or when going indoors such as shops, offices, restaurants and public transport.
  • Face masks are still mandatory when attending large outdoor events such as concerts, demonstrations, and sporting events.
  • Face mask use is required in cafes, bars, and restaurants, and all inside public spaces, at all times, except when eating or drinking.
  • If travelling in a taxi or public transport, passengers are required to wear a face mask.


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