Express Delivery: Mayors and business moguls mix at launch of first Pizza Express in Spain

IT’S happened at last… Spain finally has its first Pizza Express.

But the really big surprise is it is not in Madrid, or Barcelona, but in La Alcaidesa, between Sotogrande and Gibraltar on the Costa del Sol.

The One Eden group, led by its director Gregory Butcher, is behind the launch, having run a successful branch in Gibraltar for ten years.

Juan Y Greg
Gregory Butcher in the middle and Mayor Juan Franco on the far left (Image: Eden Group)

Many important local faces, including the mayor of La Linea, Juan Franco, were at the weekend launch.

Guests enjoyed delicious dishes, including goat cheese and handmade pizzas at the bash, where guests were serenaded by local musician Yusef Moudden. 

Local musician Yusef Moudden (Image: Olive Press)

The large London-based Pizza Express chain has some 600 restaurants in the UK, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Now the residents of La Alcaidesa are going to benefit from the restaurant, along with various other new projects planned by the One Eden group.

Eden Group at the launch party (Image: Olive Press)

This includes a beach Club, coffee bar and various sports installations.

There will also be a five-star hotel, run in partnership with the Millennium Group, which will see a whopping investment of over 100 million euros. 

There has been a further upgrade of the Acqua Alcaidesa Plaza, with new lighting and flora and fauna.

Upgrade of the Acqua Alcaidesa Plaza (Image: Eden Group)

Butcher told the Olive Press it is a ‘long term project’ which will bring considerable income and jobs to the area. 

“La Alcaidesa has a unique topography,” he said. “From almost any position you can smell the sea, feel the sea, and see the sea. We also have green zones on both sides thanks to La Linea.”

He added: “It might mean some risky investment, but we plan to be here for the long term.

Cannapes And Greg
Lunch party appetizers (Image: Olive Press)

“One Eden builds communities… this is something we did in Gibraltar so successfully with Ocean Village and the World Trade Center and now we are going to bet in Alcaidesa. 

Cocineros En El Launch
Cooks at the launch party (Image: Eden Group)

“This is only the start. Watch over the next few years as La Alcaidesa is propelled to where it should be, and recognised as the jewel in the crown.”

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