Fake ‘deaf’ people who pestered Mallorca restaurant customers for cash, beat up angry diner and flee to Spain’s Costa del Sol

THREE people who pretended to be deaf have been arrested after a Mallorca restaurant customer was beaten up after one of them spat at his family.

Two men and a woman- all of Romanian nationality- flew off to Malaga Airport and were detained by the Guardia Civil in Alhaurin de la Torre.

They have all been charged with assault.


The incident happened last Friday at around 10.15pm at the Rhein restaurant in Santa Ponsa.

A man and woman asked for donations under the guise of being deaf and also collecting signatures for what was a bogus association.

The couple carried an information card detailing their alleged circumstances and walked around the restaurant terrace.

One of the diners, Adrian G.G. aged 33, was having dinner with his family and told them to go away so that they could enjoy their meal unhindered.

The ‘deaf and mute’ woman suddenly regained her powers of hearing and spat at them before leaving the premises.

Adrian, from Calvia, demanded an explanation and told her that he was going to call the police.

The hawker then started to speak to him before her two colleagues struck Adrian several times, causing him to bleed.

He clung onto the woman despite being on the ground as restaurant staff called the Guardia Civil.

Her colleagues freed her after beating Adrian further and they escaped in their rental car.

He was treated at Son Espases Hospital while one of the restaurant workers recorded a phone video of the attackers leaving the scene.

The footage was passed on to the Guardia, who identified the suspects.

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